The Mayor’s Duties

During their term of office, the Mayor is asked to attend all the events organised by the Independent State of Cuckfield, however these are often only a part of what a serving Mayor is likely to become involved with.

The current mayor of the Independent State of Cuckfield is Andrew Leask

  • Leading The Mayor’s Procession
  • At the invitation of the Vicar on the Sunday after their election the new Mayor and members of the ISOC committee attend the Sunday Service at Holy Trinity Church
  • Lighting the Cuckfield Bonfire for the firework display in Cuckfield Park each November
  • Laying a wreath on behalf of the Independent State of Cuckfield at the war memorial on Remembrance Sunday
  • Hosting the Christmas Lunch for senior members of the community
  • Attending the Cuckfield Christmas Street Festival Shopping evening
  • Awarding prizes at the Walking Race
  • Opening the Cuckoo Fayre
  • Standing for re-election the following year!

As Head of State the Mayor also personally signs Independent State of Cuckfield passports (available for purchase by residents and visitors).

In circulation since the 1960s these are now eagerly sought collectors’ items and can be purchased from the current Mayor, at any of the Independent State of Cuckfield events.

International Travel to other micronations will be much simpler with a traditional blue ISOC passport. Get yours today!