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You can contact the Independent State by email to

You can also call Mike Schlup on 01444 454336 or talk to any of the volunteers currently serving on the committee of the Independent State of Cuckfield.


The activities of the Independent State of Cuckfield are coordinated by a committee of volunteers, including the incumbent Mayor.  Many of Cuckfield’s residents also help out, and new stewards, helpers and innovators are always welcome!

The Independent State also seeks to reinforce the sense of Cuckfield community through the participation of Cuckfield residents in the organisation of, and attendance at, the various Independent State of Cuckfield events.

It is the committee that organises the annual events, including the election night and count, the new Mayor’s Parade,  Easter Walking Race, the May Day Cuckoo Fayre and the Pensioners’ Christmas Lunch.

The current committee comprises

The Current Mayor
Chairman – Mike Schlup
Secretary – Jo Murphy
Treasurer – Debbie Schlup
Shirley Coates
Leanne Knapman
Tony Taylor
Den Jordan
Steve Wilcock